Also by Lyn Hejinian

“The Reflection of Closure (1985)” by Lyn Hejinian for Poetry Foundation.

Biographical Poetry by Lyn Hejinian:

The Book of a Thousand Eyes

The Wide Road (written with Carla Harryman; forthcoming, Litmus Press,December 2010)

Saga / Circus (Omnidawn Books, 2008)

Situations, Sings (written with Jack Collom; Adventures in Poetry, 2008)

Lola (Belladonna, 2005)

The Lake (with Emilie Clark; Granary Books, 2004)

The Fatalist (Omnidawn Books, 2003)

On Laughter: A Melodrama (with Jack Collom; Baksun Books, 2003)

Slowly (Tuumba Press, 2002)

A Border Comedy (Granary Books, 2001)

The Beginner (Spectacular Books, 2000; Tuumba Press, 2002)

Happily (Post-Apollo Press, 2000)

Chartings (written with Ray Di Palma; Chax Press, 2000)

 Sunflower (The Figures, 2000)

Sight (written with Leslie Scalapino; Edge Books, 1999)

The Traveler and the Hill and the Hill (a collaboration with Emilie Clark; Granary Books, 1998)

Wicker (with Jack Collom) (Boulder, CO: Rodent Press, 1996)

The Little Book of A Thousand Eyes (Boulder, CO: Smoke-Proof Press, 1996)

Guide, Grammar, Watch, and The Thirty Nights (Perth, Western Australia: Folio, 1996)

Two Stein Talks (Weaselsleeves Press, 1995)

The Cold of Poetry (Sun & Moon Press, 1994)

The Cell (Sun & Moon Press, 1992)

Jour de Chasse (trans. Pierre Alferi; Cahiers de Royaumont, 1992)

The Hunt (Zasterle Press, 1991)

Oxota: A Short Russian Novel (The Figures, 1991)

Individuals (written with Kit Robinson; Chax Press, 1988)

The Guard (Tuumba Press, 1984)

Redo (Salt-Works Press, 1984)

Gesualdo (Tuumba Press, 1978)

Writing is an Aid to Memory (The Figures, 1978; reprinted by Sun & Moon, 1996)

A Mask of Motion (Burning Deck, 1977)

A Thought is the Bride of What Thinking (Tuumba Press, 1976)

Edited Volumes:

(with Barrett Watten) A Guide to “Poetics Journal”: Writing in the Expanded Field, 1982-98 (New edition by Wesleyan)

(with Olivia Friedman) Ghosting Atoms: Poems and Reflections Sixty Years After the Bomb (Berkeley: Consortium for the Arts and UC Regents, 2005)

Best American Poetry 2004 (New York: Scribner’s, 2005)